Consigning is an excellent way to sustainably repurpose your clothing and earn money, but getting started and knowing what sells can be challenging. Baystate Boutique and Consignment's Concierge Service simplifies the process, making it effortless for you.

Personalized, in-home consignment consultation of your high-quality, pre-owned clothing and accessories to determine which items to resell. And we take it from there and send you your earnings! 

Our personalized concierge service streamlines the process of selling high-quality, pre-owned clothing and accessories. We handle everything—from evaluating items and setting prices to managing listings and completing sales—allowing you to effortlessly streamline your wardrobe while promoting sustainability—and earning money.


Fill out the appointment request form here.

Gather all the items you want considered for consignment (and tell them to put those aside either folded or hanging). These items should be clean, in excellent condition, and currently in-season. We do not accept men’s or children’s clothing.

Leveraging our consignment insights with a focus on optimizing your profits, we will evaluate their eligibility and pricing.

We will take the items we’ve agreed to consign, process them, and make them available for sale.

You will receive payment for your sold items on the 15th of the month for anything sold the prior month. We pay 40% of the sales price for all non-luxury designer items and 50% for luxury designer brands. You can also earn 10% more by choosing store credit as your payout option.

  • Consigning clothes allows you to turn unused items into cash. Instead of letting them gather dust in your closet, you can earn some extra income by selling them through a consignment shop.

  • Consignment is a sustainable way to handle clothing you no longer need. By giving your clothes a second life through consignment, you contribute to reducing waste and the environmental impact of fast fashion.

  • Consigning clothes helps you declutter your wardrobe and living space. It's a convenient way to clear out items that no longer serve you or fit your style, creating more room for the pieces you love.

  • Consignment shops often have a diverse customer base, including local shoppers and online buyers. By consigning your clothes, you can reach a broader audience than you might with a garage sale or donation.

  • Consignment shops specialize in selling secondhand clothing and often have skilled staff who know how to merchandise items effectively. They can showcase your clothes in a way that maximizes their appeal and increases the likelihood of a sale.

  • Consignment shops typically have standards for the items they accept, ensuring that only high-quality clothing in good condition makes it onto their racks. This means your clothes are more likely to find a buyer who appreciates their value.

  • Consignment takes the hassle out of selling clothes yourself. Instead of dealing with online listings, inquiries from potential buyers, and shipping logistics, you can simply drop off your items at the consignment shop and let them handle the rest.

  • While you might not get the full retail price for your items when consigning, you have the potential to earn more than you would through a traditional donation or garage sale, especially for designer or high-end pieces.

  • Consignment shops are treasure troves of unique finds and hidden gems. By consigning your  clothes, you contribute to this ecosystem of fashion recycling and may even come across some amazing finds for yourself.

  • Consignment shops are often small, locally-owned businesses that contribute to the community. By consigning your clothes with them, you're supporting entrepreneurship and helping to sustain a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers in your area.


Danielle, owner of Baystate Boutique & Consignment lives in Hull with her Golden Retriever, Cash who is also the shop dog and is always eager to go work with her everyday at the store.

At Baystate Boutique & Consignment, Danielle combines her background in Sales and Marketing with a love for sustainable, trendy, affordable fashion, offering a curated selection that reflects her commitment to quality and style.

Her own personal style is a mix between athletic and western and is usually found either in a baseball hat or boots. Her favorite item in her closet at the moment is her Chloe Woody Mini Fringe Tote Bag. She loves the beach, traveling, and country music concerts. Some of her favorite brands to wear are Abercrombie, Aerie, and Free People.